What is Human Performance?

Human Performance (HP) acknowledges the inevitability of human fallibility, often influenced by work systems.

HP is an applied science that helps us identify where we have opportunities to set people up for success and how we can build error-tolerant systems that limit or catch human error.

The Principles of HP

People are an organisation’s most important resources in managing safety, there is an expectation for them to use the correct systems to perform their work safely, and for the organisation to recognise:

  1. People make mistakes
  2. Mistakes often result from well-meaning behaviours intended to get the job done
  3. Underlying conditions often contribute to error-prone situations
  4. Understanding the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ mistakes occur can help us prevent them
  5. We can predict, and then prevent or manage most error-prone situations
  6. A leader’s response to mistakes directly impacts the culture of both learning and accountability
  7. Leaders, first line Leaders and workers come together to create an engaged, collaborative team

Our programs empower and enable effective decision-making at all levels by providing new knowledge and techniques linked directly to an organization’s safety and risk management tools and systems, delivering positive transformational change.